Microsoft Excel Add-In development

Excel Add-Ins can really unleash the full power of Excel, automating almost every task you can think of, from pulling data from the web, to acting as a data transformation tool.

If Excel is your environment of choice, and you regularly find yourself doing the same routine with similar data, then reduce the boredom and automate the tasks.

Dexterity Customisations

The functionality of Dynamics GP can be significantly extended, from alterations to Dynamics GP windows, to new modules.

As an example, we have developed our own Deterity modules for ISO20022 (SEPA) Payments and Direct Debits. This was created because Dynamics GP cannot create the required XML formats using the built in functionality, and this module facilitates this need simply.

We have also developed a number of customer-specific dexterity customisations to allow those customers to achieve very specific processes or tasks.

Furthermore, VBA is being phased out, so there is a need to transfer VBA customisations into Dexterity to allow GP to be upgraded to newer releases.

If you have a need to customise Dynamics GP to make your processes more efficient or robust, then please get in touch to discuss your requirements further.

SQL Server Database Design and Development

Microsoft SQL Server is a powerful database with endless possibilities.

When applications are developed, they will usually require data to be stored in a usable format that allows the application to function efficiently, while also providing reporting and statistics for administration and management.

Our extensive experience dates back to the late 1990's, and we have designed and developed databases (and the applications that work with them) for applications such as:

  • Airport refueling services
  • Construction build-cost estimating services
  • Automated trade services (e.g. builders) finder application
  • Recruitment matching services application

Our combined technical and business experience enables us to translate business requirements into technical and functional specifications to ensure that the end result matches the desired outcome.

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