This module has been developed, enhanced and tested since 2012 when the SEPA standards were first introduced.

Now used by clients across the world in various different currencies, including EUR, CAD, USD, DKK, SEK, NOK and GBP.

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ISO20022 Compliant

Fully ISO20022 compliant XML file format, accepted by banks across the Eurozone.

Multiple Currencies

In addition to the Euro, this module has also been used for GBP, CAD and USD.

Standard Functionality

This module uses the standard Dynamics GP payment run functionality, but provides the ability to create the desired XML file to automate batch payments to your bank.

Works with your bank

While the format follows the ISO20022 standard, some banks have unique requirements. This module can easily be customised to facilitate your bank's requirements.

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What is required?

The following requirements are generic and will give you a good idea of what is required.

However, almost every bank has slight variations on their actual requirements, so these may not reflect the exact requirements of your bank.

Enable DDR and European EFT

Enable DDR and European Electronic Funds Transfer

To enable the features required in this document, the EFT elements must be enabled within Dynamics GP. To do this, follow the menu below:

Microsoft Dynamics GP>>Tools>>Setup>>Company>>Company

Click on the Options button at the bottom of this window to open the Company Setup Options window:

Tick ‘Enable DDR and European Electronic Funds Transfer’

Chequebook EFT Bank Maintenance

EFT Chequebook Bank Maintenance

In the Chequebook Maintenance window, select the chequebook you intend to make payments from and click on the 'Bank' button at the bottom to show the EFT Chequebook Bank Maintenance window. Within this window, you will need to enter the following:

  • Bank Country/Region: Other 1
  • IBAN
  • Bank Identification Number: Swift/BIC Code
  • Country Code
  • ISO Currency Code
  • Payables Options: enter the Domestic and Foreign destinations

Vendor Bank Maintenance

Vendor EFT Bank Maintenance

The most important thing to remember here is that the Bank Country/Region selected in the Vendor EFT Bank Maintenance window must match that of the Chequebook Bank Account that you are going to be using to make payments from if you select the ‘Domestic’ File format option on the batch setup.

Required fields for this SEPA File Generator:

·         Bank Country/Region

·         IBAN

·         Currency ID

·         Additional Information>>Swift Address (This is the BIC code)