For anyone that has tried this, setting up the HSBCNet (Standard 18) bank file format is pretty complicated, to say the least! Here is an image of what this file format will look like:

HSBCNet File Format

As you can see, if you look closely, there are a number of different sections (rows) to this format. The file structure for all messages must follow the format : VOL > HDR1 > HDR2 > UHL > Standard Records > EOF1 > EOF2 > UTL Important: A file not following this structure will be rejected. All in all, there were 110 different fields in this structure, across the different row settings shown above. As a experienced Dynamics GP consultant, this format took a day and a half to create within Dynamics GP. Rather than 're-inventing the wheel', we want to make this available to those who require this format, at a fraction of the cost, and saving you hours of time. Assistance and support is available if needed, for installation and/or setup 'tweaks' needed to match your specific environment if you do not have the expertise. Please get in touch using the contact form below and we will be in touch to ASAP.  

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