Dynamics GP - POP Entry warning message 'Not all required fields have been entered. Required fields appear in bold red type'

If you find yourself trying to create a purchase order line item in Dynamics GP Purchase Order Entry window, and, as you try to leave the line you get the message 'Not all required have been entered. Required fields appear in bold red type.' and you can't get away from that message, then this will help.

Firstly, you message may not say 'in bold red type' specifically, and that part of the message is actually generated based on how you are seeing your required fields. The important part is the first part where you get told that not all required fields have been entered.

If you look at the window, at first glance it is not clear where the other required fields is:

Unlike the Sales Order Processing Transaction Entry window, there is no way to expand the window to show more, and you just get this same message popping up.

However, if you look at each field in the line, in its expanded form, you will see the Site ID field is a link field. Unfortunately, in Dynamics GP, link fields don't always show as a required field, and this is one of those scenarios. It does not appear in Red and Bold as the message states, but you can see that it is empty:

Make sure that the Site ID is entered and you will be able to leave the line and get on with creating your PO.

To ensure that this doesn't happen again for this item, go to the Item Quantities Maintenance window and select the Default Site ID for this item.

As a side note: If you prefer not to have a default site ID, which is usually the case if you have multiple warehouse locations and you want the user to specify exactly where the item should be held, then leave the default site ID blank on this item.

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