When you are entering transactions, you may find that you are constantly being annoyed by a popup message that doesn't seem to have anything to do with the transaction itself: 'Default VAT Daybook report on VAT Column Viewer window not set'.

It is annoying because it doesn't stop you from carrying on with whatever you are doing, but it pops up all the time.

So, how do you stop this message from popping up all the time?

Luckily, it is a simple fix.

What this message is telling you, is that your system's VAT Default setups have not yet been fully complete, and there is this one setting still to do. But don't worry, it is not stopping the taxes being recorded, or anything like that, it is just meant to be a helpful message.

Basically, it means when you come to running your VAT Return using the VAT Daybook, you have not selected which report should be the default one.

It may sound a little wierd that the system is telling you this, especially at seemingly random times like when you have just entered a transaction, but it seems that this message is a check done by the VAT Daybook module when anything tax related is processed in the system.

Since you can have multiple versions of the VAT Daybook reports setup, usually you will only have one which is to be used at any one time, and to be pedantic about it, it is constantly reminding you that you need to select the version you want to be active.

This means that when it comes to running your VAT Return, the correct version is defaulting into position.

However, the message is annoying, so here is the quick fix to stop it appearing:

Go to the following menu, to open up the VAT Daybook Reports:

Cards >> Company >> VAT Daybook Reports


VAT Daybook Reports Menu

This will open the VAT Daybook Reports window.

Select the VAT Report version that you want to be actively used now, and tick the box on the right 'Default on VAT Viewer':


VAT Daybook Reports Window - Dafault on VAT Viewer

Once you save and close this window, after having ticked the correct box, the message will no longer show and you can rest assured that you will no longer be annoyed by that 'Default VAT Daybook report on VAT Column Viewer window not set' message.

Hope you found this stress relieving 😉