About Our Dynamics GP Consultancy Services

You will find our Microsoft Dynamics GP consultancy is very different to what is available elsewhere.


We pride ourselves on your success

By 'success', we mean your ability to get your job done efficiently, quickly and to the best of your ability.


Our focus is always on you

We understand the pressures of accounting, and that you just need things to work. When they don't work, we respond quickly to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible.


We also understand that, as accountants, your workloads are heavy

Month End and Year End times are stressful with huge workloads. Our aim is to streamline as many of your processes as possible, through integrations, and recommendations of modules or tools that will make your life easier and quicker - provided, always, that it makes financial business sense to you.


We only recommend what you need

We never recommend additional modules, integrations or customisations unless you actually need it and there is a clear business case for it - such as it will save you hours and hours every month, freeing your time to do other, more important things.


Our consultancy is essentially split into 4 different areas, as follows:

Dynamics GP Usability Audits

Do you ever wonder whether you are making the most of your system? Are you actually using it the correct way?

Most users, unfortunately, make very little use of what the system can offer, or worse, are not using it correctly, which creates even more work down the line.

Our Usability Audits are designed to understand your business needs, identify process weaknesses, and recommend improvements that, when implemented, will actually serve you better, and often save you a chunk of time and effort.

Dynamics GP Training

We draw from over 20 years of dedicated Microsoft Dynamics GP experience to offer some of the best training available. If you need more than what our online training courses offer, then we can provide dedicated, personalised training especially for you.


Dynamics GP Setups and Customisations

Setting up an application as dynamic and varied as Dynamics GP takes considerable skill and experience to get right.

Our vast experience ensures that your Dynamics GP environment is setup exactly as you need it for you business, so that you can do your accounts efficiently.

Dynamics GP Integrations

Transfering data from one application to another can be one of the most time-consuming tasks in accounts.

Whether it is transferring sales invoices from your CRM system into Dynamics GP, or importing cash receipts directly from your bank statements, our abilities to streamline the flow of data between applications is extensive.

In addition, we don't only transfer data into Dynamics GP, we can also transfer data out, whether it is for reporting, updating CRM systems with up to date customer info, or anything inbetween, we can do it.

Dynamics GP Usability Audits


How well do you use Dynamics GP?

Identifying process errors bottlenecks can save you loads of time and money.

The process is well-defined as follows:

We book some mutually convenient time to spend with relevant members of the accounts team, looking at their various procedures, how they currently do things in Dynamics GP, and then look to identify a number of things:

  1. Where procedures are being done incorrectly
  2. Where things are being performed very inefficiently
  3. Discover any existing procedures that are very long-winded and time-consuming


Usually, based on findings, we can immediately recommend a number of quick wins that will save time instantly.

These could be simple things like setting up a smartlist to assist with identifying certain problem transactions, or showing the user how to perform a task that they are not aware of.

These will be recorded and documented, but where possible, these can be implemented immediately.


With our extensive experience, we can often recommend the best-practice, or most common types of resolutions to the issues being experienced.

However, sometimes we will need to research the most optimal solution for your business before being able to make a recommendation.

For us, one size does not fit all, and when we recommend a solution, it is because we strongly believe, based on experience, that it will work for you.

Once all resolutions have been identified, these are clearly documented, along with any additional costs and time estimates, if needed, that may be required for each resolution.


For complete clarity, the findings are presented back to you so that you completely informed about each issue that has been identified, as well as why the particular recommendations are made.

From that point forward, you are free to choose how and when to implement any changes, and with whom.

If you have your own reseller/consultancy that you generally use, then you can take these findings to them to have implemented, or if you prefer, you can speak with us about assisting you with these implementations.

Either way, we are happy, so long as you see the benefits of the audit.

If you would like to make your accounts department more efficient, then please get in touch.

Dynamics GP Training

Personalised Dynamics GP Training

Training is an important part of being efficient at your job.

Without the correct training, you will spend hours just trying to figure out how to do something, and then, how do you know if that is the correct way to do it?

Internet courses and online videos are generic by nature, and often avoid telling you the consequences of performing actions in a particular way. What are the effects on the general ledger? What fixes will be needed if I do this?

Dedicated training not only gives you a personalised training session that explains all the consequences (good and bad) of certain actions, but also is taylored exactly to your company's needs.

We have experience in most Dynamics GP modules, including many third party modules too.

* Dynamics GP Core Modules: GL, Sales (RM & SOP), Purchasing (PM & POP), Inventory

* Reporting tools: Management Reporter, Sharperlight

* Other Products: eRequest, Advanced Bank Rec, Invoice Approvals, Advanced VAT, Credit Hound, Spindle Document Distribution

Contact us for further enquiries

Online Dynamics GP Training Courses

Our online courses are made specifically for the business accountant.

While dedicated personal training is always recommended as a starting point for Dynamics GP, these fantastic courses, filled with short sessions are perfect for quickly learning something new, or reminding yourself how to do something that you don't do very often.

The training courses are conveniently split into the different core modules:

* General Ledger

* Sales Ledger

* Purchase Ledger

* Administration

You can subscribe to each course individually, or subscribe to the complete set to get access to all the lessons in all the courses.

What is more, as part of every subscription, are regular live training webinars, so that you can keep up to date with the latest tips and tricks, refresh your knowledge on certain modules, learn something completely new, or find out how other companies are achieving certain tasks.

Learn more

Dynamics GP Setups and Customisations

New Company and Module Setups

Setting up a new company or a new module requires very specific expertise, something we have been doing for over 20 years.

You can trust us to implement and setup new Dynamics GP companies or new Dynamics GP modules to function the way your business needs to use them.

Our experience means we are efficient at completing these tasks and it means that you can hit the ground running very quickly, rather than frustratingly trying to find out why a process or task is not working yet.

Dynamics GP Window Customisations

Sometimes the default Dynamics GP windows need some alterations to work better for your needs.

We have the experience to do simple alterations (such as moving fields around) as well as more complex alterations which include changes or additions to functionality (these are done in Dexterity).

Dynamics GP Report Customisations

With almost every setup of Dynamics GP, standard report layouts need to be altered, such as invoices, credit notes, purchase orders, remittance advices, etc.

We have extensive report writer experience, including multi-lingual and multi-branded customisations, and have pretty much done it all when it comes to customising Dynamics GP reports. 

Dynamics GP Integrations

Our Process

Integrations are a collaborative exercise between us and you

01. The Idea

All integrations begin with an idea (usually painful tasks that take too long to complete manually...)


02. Planning

Working with you, we identify the most optimal integration route for you and then plan the process.


03. Develop and Test

We create the integration, as agreed, and thoroughly test the performance and results.


04. Document and Training

We comprehensively document all integrations for future reference, and provide training to the users.

Examples of Dynamics GP Integrations

To give you some inspiration - here are some examples of the integrations that we have done in the past for other clients

Sales Order Processing (SOP) transactions are time consuming to enter manually, especially if the invoices are already created in another system, such as your CRM application.

We have created many different types of SOP integrations, and using a number of different tools (Integration Manager, SmartConnect, SQL Server Integration Services, and even Excel).

Sometimes data is exported from another application first into a usable data format (text, csv, xml) and then it is imported into Dynamics GP.

There is not much we have not already done somewhere, so if you have a requirement to import SOP transactions (Orders, Invoices, Returns) into Dynamics GP, then use the form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

While you can copy and paste journal entries from Excel, we have created an workbook that allows you to save multiple journals (usually of the type that you do regularly, such as payroll or accruals).

Create the journals once in Excel, make small adjustments as needed, and then the entire sheet can be imported into a batch of GL Journals in Dynamics GP.

We have increasingly been doing work for customers who generate direct debit collections for customers.

Excluding any failed collections, the cash receipts batches generally match the invoice batches, and we have therefore created a time-saving tool that creates cash receipts for a batch of sales invoices, and then even automatically matches these cash receipts against the orginal invoice.

When the results from the bank are returned, giving you details of any failed collection, these can simply be deleted from the cash receipt batch before it is posted, or a credit can be created to reverse the failed direct debit.

This means that the only manual entry is related to the very small number of failed transactions, and not the manual entry of all the cash receipts. How much time would that save you?

Statements hold all the cash received from customers, which means that it is possible to speed up the entry of cash receipts using just your bank statement.

If you use direct debits, or if your customers generally include an invoice number or account number when paying you, then it will usually mean that your bank statement will include a reference that could be used to identify the customer and/or invoice number.

It is then possible to automate vast amounts of cash receipt entry, including allocation against the customers and sometimes even invoices, using some of the integration tools available.

Some of our clients have 700-800 cash receipts to record every month. This integration has shaved litterally hours off of there monthly processing of cash receipts, and has also sped up the process of bank reconciliation.

As you know, Payables transactions can be either general supplier/vendor invoices, regular bills (such as direct debits), employee expenses, etc.

This means that there are various scenarios where payables transactions can be imported.

This excel-based PM Transaction Import integration has been used by many different companies and for many different reasons - but in all cases, it has been a tremendous time saver compared to manual entry.

Salesforce (CRM) can export transactions, such as invoices, which can be imported into Dynamics GP. Salesforce can also accept data from other systems.

We have created integrations where the current status of customer invoices is returned to Saleforce automatically, so salespeople can instantly see whether customers have paid for their invoices, or if they are still outstanding.

This export, along with an overall customer balance value, significantly reduces the amount of admin queries received from the sales department (e.g. has this client paid yet? What is the current balance on this customer's account?) since they can see these values themselves, and they are always up-to-date.

There are a multitude of reasons why you would want to extract data from Dynamics GP.

The primary reasons are to update another system, such as CRM, or for reporting purposes.

If you use applications such as Management Reporter, or Sharperlight, you are able to use the data directly from the database. But sometimes you will use an application that is not closely linked to Dynamics GP and the only way is to extract data that can be imported into the other system.

We have, for example, created automated extracts to update data analysis applications such as Adaptive, PowerBI, etc. which are used for reporting. While these applications can also be linked closely with SQL Server, some environments do not allow direct links and extracted data is therefore the only option.

Whatever your reporting requirements are, we can faciliate either direct or indirect data transfers to make your reporting seemless.

There are many more ways to import into or export data out of Dynamics GP. These are just some prominent examples to give you an idea of what we are capable of.

If you want to enquire about whether an integration idea you have may work, or if you are already clear on what is needed, and just need a quote, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss this with you, with absolutely no obligation.

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