Sales Ledger

The sales ledger training provides a very good starting point for those learning about the sales ledger in Microsoft Dynamics GP, as well as an excellent quick access reference to refresh your memory on how to do certain things when you are in a hurry or just can't remember how to do something.

We cover everything from the simple transaction entry, in both receivables and sales order processing, as well as the more complex subjects such as multi-currency, allocating cash received against invoices, how to match a credit note against an invoice, and much more.

As with all the other courses, membership to the Sales Ledger training course provides unlimited access to:

  • all the lessons in this course
  • any new lessons which are added
  • all the live webinar training sessions

Access to this content is accessible to the following membership types:

  • Sales Ledger membership
  • Complete membership
  • Corporate complete (if you are part of a corporate membership)

The current set of lessons can be accessed below: