There have been many annoying 'features' recently in the VAT Daybook VAT Return - in particular with the VAT Return Summary sheet. At one point, the figures in box 6 on the summary report were simply showing zeros, even though the values were clearly showing on the sales and purchasing detail print outs. The latest is an issue regarding Sales Order Processing (SOP) or Purchase Order Processing (POP) transactions where there are multiple lines on the transaction, and some lines with different tax treatments to others. Obviously, if you don't use SOP or POP, or don't have the need for differing VAT treatments on the various lines on those transactions, then this won't affect you, but if you do, then this is an issue for you to know about. So what is currently happening? In Box 6 (Total Net Sales) of the summary report, if you have SOP or POP transactions with multiple lines, the summary report is only using the transaction amount from the first line and ignores the rest. As far as we can tell, it believes that they are multiple VAT treatments on the same amount, rather than individual tax treatments on different amounts. There is a work around for this that I would like to share, but only in a specific Dynamics GP Version 18.03.1200. In this version, the audit reprint does not ignore the subsequent lines and is therefore correct. This means that you need to run the audit report first, and then run the reprint to get the correct values. FYI: In subsequent releases of Dynamics GP, versions 18.03.1245 and later, Dynamics GP appears to have made the audit reprint report behave exactly the same as the Audit report, so this wrokaround no longer works. So, for the time being, the version we would recommend is Dynamics GP 18.03.1200. As a quick update, we recently tested the latest (December 2021) Dynamics GP version 18.4.1361, but it still has the same issue on box 6 of the VAT Return, where it ignores the additional VAT lines.