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In this blog, we look to share our experiences and knowledge, from years of support and consultancy, to help you reduce common frustrations, and generally make your accounting life that little bit more efficient.

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POP Not all required fields have been entered

If you find yourself trying to create a purchase order line item in Dynamics GP Purchase Order Entry window, and, as you try to leave the line you get the message 'Not all required have been entered. Required fields appear in bold red type.' and you can't get away from that message, then this will help...

Receivables Summary Enquiry

Sometimes when you run a customer trial balance, or check the customer values in the enquiry windows in Dynamics GP, the values displayed are showing one thing, but when you look at the actual transactions, the numbers don't add up.
Find out how you can go about fixing this...

Default VAT Daybook report not set

When you are entering transactions, you may find that you are constantly being annoyed by a popup message that doesn't seem to have anything to do with the transaction itself: 'Default VAT Daybook report on VAT Column Viewer window not set'.
We explain how to fix this here.

Test Company Login Warning Message

Have you ever wondered how to get that warning message when you log into Dynamics GP that tells the user that this is a TEST company?
This article shows you how simple this really is...


There have been many annoying 'features' recently in the VAT Daybook VAT Return - in particular with the VAT Return Summary sheet.

At one point, the figures in box 6 on the summary report were simply showing zeros, even though the values were clearly showing on the sales and purchasing detail print outs...

VAT 100 VAT Return in Dynamics GP

Why are you seeing incorrect values in the VAT 100 VAT Return report in Dynamics GP? The reason is linked to the way in which the VAT 100 module has been designed...

Making Tax Digital in Dynamics GP

Most companies in the UK would have already switched onto electronic VAT submission directly from their system, but some are still having trouble.

I have written this article for you based on the last few years experience we have had implementing Makng Tax Digital for our clients.

Dynamics GP Crash

If you are opening a window in Dynamics GP and it is just causing Dynamics GP to instantly crash, then it is likely that VBA is the cause.

There are usually two different options to resolve this...

Dynamics GP Smartlist window

We regularly get support requests about the Smartlist window not opening.

The user will confirm that after restarting Dynamics GP, it is still not working, but it was working previously and they can't figure out what has happened...


For anyone that has tried this, setting up the HSBCNet (Standard 18) bank file format in Dynamics GP, it is pretty complicated, to say the least!

We have a format already created and available for sale, which will save you hours and hours of effort...